JellyTank – The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

It is not possible to keep jellies in a traditional saltwater aquarium because of how fragile they are. Jellies can easily get stuck in the filters or caught on any decorations you may have within your aquarium. Two brothers who share a passion for aquaria, Blake & Brock Gratton, have figured out an ingenious solution to this problem by creating the JellyTank.

This tank features a cylindrical design that keeps the jellies safe from the filtration system while providing the jellies freedom of movement. The tank holds 5 gallons and its dimensions are 7.5 x 13 x 16.5 inches. Perfect for a table top and a great conversation starter for your home or office. After the Kickstarter ends, you can still order tanks and jellies from their website

At the time of this blog post, JellyTank is running a Kickstarter campaign with just 10 days left and they have already far exceeded their goal of $25,000.

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