Green Hair Algae Removal Update

I put together a couple of videos of how the aquarium looks one week later after being cleaned of a massive infestation of green hair algae. The tank is recovering nicely, but the green hair algae is trying to make a come-back. To help speed up the clean up I have added some known green hair algae eaters. The best cleaners I have found are emerald crabs and mexican turbo snails.

When I put the turbo snails into the tank they immediately went to work cleaning the live rock where I placed them. Check out the two videos below to see the difference they have made. You can see large patches where they have cleaned away the green hair algae, but the green hair algae appears to be growing faster than they can keep up. I’m going to head to my LFS to pick up a few more emerald crabs this evening to help even the battle.

Here’s what my aquarium looked like a little over 1 week ago:
Green Hair Algae Infestation

One week update video:

Emerald Crab and Turbo Snails Eating:

Video of the original clean-up process:

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  1. A member showed me these videos. Well done, very helpful.

    • xAquatic says:

      Thank-you! I’m glad that these videos helped you out. The tank recovered quickly after cleaning out the algae and doing a few water changes. Replacing the filter cartridge at least once a month also goes a long way to keep the algae down.