Beautiful New Coral Added to my 29 Gallon Aquarium!

I just added a new coral and an anemone crab to my 29 gallon aquarium. The new coral is a vibrant glowing color of green ringed by a deep red color. It is a type of brain coral, but for the life of my I can’t remember its name. I’ll find out what its name is the next time I make it to my LFS. Thanks to Carla on my Facebook fan page I now know that it is a Blastomussa coral. Here’s a quick video I put together of the new crab and coral, plus I also caught my serpent brittle star on camera this morning. This video was made with an iPad 2. I’m still getting used to making videos with it so the video is a little shaky in parts. Enjoy:

Here’s a picture of the new coral:

New Brain Coral

Here’s a picture of the new anemone crab:

Anemone Crab

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