UK’s largest private aquarium

Jack Heathcote is an eXtreme Aquarist. He converted the basement of his home into an enormous 4,800 gallon freshwater aquarium. The Daily Mail interviewed Jack, here’s a small excerpt from that article:

It is so large – arguably the largest privately owned aquarium in Britain – that Jack has to dive in himself once a fortnight to clean it. And the salsa teacher has admitted he does not own a TV, claiming he doesn’t need one as he prefers to watch the sea creatures swimming instead.

Largest Home Aquarium

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  1. Keith Howard says:

    Well done mate, I am a keen fish keeper in Gibraltar and looking forward in converting a garage into a fish room……some day, with different rift valley set ups of at least 4 X 2000L aquariums. I currently have 5 aquariums at home ranging from 200L to 1000L but only wish i could do something like you have. ENJOY :-D

  2. tommy says:

    That’s impressive.