Interesting Office Aquarium [Updated]

I found this image today on Reddit. I don’t know where this place is, I would love to find out. Let me know in the comments you know any details about the origin of this incredible office aquarium. [Update] The photo was from the Freshwater Software company office in Boulder, CO. See the Updates after the photo for more info.

Office Aquarium

[UPDATE] It is a small world after-all. My cousin has actually been in this office when they were taking it apart. The picture is from the offices of the Freshwater Software company which was located in Boulder, CO. Freshwater Software was acquired by Mercury Interactive which was then acquired by HP (see the comment at the bottom of this comment thread). So I’m sad to report that this aquarium no longer exists, but I’m glad that I found out the rest of the story. My cousin actually picked up a few of the fish that were from that aquarium.

[UPDATE #2] A previous employee of Freshwater Software, Christina, said the following on the eXtreme Aquatics Facebook Page:

This office was primarily used as a call center, so the tanks provided great background/white noise for us to conduct business. We had many types of fish, ranging from Cichilds, catfish,tiger fish, menos, and much more. The tanks worked great, except when a fish died or jumped out of the tank. I believe it closed in the Spring of 2008, but not 100% sure.

Here’s another picture of the aquarium from a different angle:

Freshwater Software

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