eXtreme Aquarist in the Making

One of the YouTube users that I subscribe to (coralfish12g) posted a new video of a Nuvo 30 gallon aquarium he received as a Christmas present. His video reminded me of the process I went through with my 29g Oceanic Biocube. I must have arranged and rearranged the live rock 20 times before I was finally satisfied. After seeing coralfish12g‘s video I contacted him to ask for his permission to republish the video here. He agreed and sent me additional photos plus some details about the setup:

I have a 315 gph pumping water into the tank. Before it comes out it goes through my uvc sterilizer which I put in. It comes out of the Nuvo spin stream nozzle I bought from innovative marine. I’m also planning on adding more flow so I’m gonna get one or two hydor koralias. I am cycling the tank right now but I plan on adding my clean up crew [followed by] adding fish and coral.

With my 12 gallon nano cube I couldn’t do SPS with the lighting but now with my less I will experiment and try out SPS coral. I will for sure have many stony and soft corals some transferring from my old tank.

Fish wise I want to get medium sized fish will lots of color. I’ve thought about blue tangs and I really want a flame angel. I will have some clownfish and gobs. I want every fish to have a purpose. I want a goby to sift sand I want a fish to pick off the rocks and finally I wanna have fish that are mostly always out.

I’m only 14 so I’m gonna make mistakes and I’m gonna learn but that’s part of the hobby that I’ve been in for 4 years and since the 5th grade, and in the end it’s all worth it.

Coralfish12g’s real name is George and I was surprised to learn that he is only 14 yrs. old. Think about where you were with your aquarium hobby when you were 14. Here’s a video of his old 12 gallon nano reef:

When you were 14 did you have a 12 gallon Nano reef tank that looked this amazing? I know I didn’t. He is a true eXtreme Aquarist in the making.

Here are more pictures of his new 30 gallon Nuvo tank:

Thank-you George for allowing me to republish these videos and for taking the time to describe your setup!

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