JellyTank - The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

JellyTank – The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

It is not possible to keep jellies in a traditional saltwater aquarium because of how fragile they are. Jellies can easily get stuck in the filters or caught on any decorations you may have within your aquarium. Two brothers who share a passion for aquaria, Blake & Brock Gratton, have figured out an ingenious solution […]

Swallowtail Angel

Marine Life Sex – “It’s Complicated”

Boys change sexes into girls, girls change sexes into boys, boys keep harems of ladies, and often…everyone reproduces en masse. It’s all done in the name of successfully passing DNA on to the next generation.

Office Aquarium

Interesting Office Aquarium [Updated]

I don’t know where this place is, but I would love to find out. Please contact me if you know anything about this incredible office aquarium.

Removing Coralline Algae from an Acrylic Tank

Read how to remove coralline algae from an acrylic aquarium.

Disney’s Oceans Movie

I can’t wait to see this movie. I trailer and preview clips look absolutely stunning. If you have already seen the movie please let me know what you thought of it! Here’s a description of the film from Disney’s website: Disneynature, the studio that presented the record-breaking film “Earth,” brings OCEANS to the big screen […]

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