A baby boom in DC « National Aquarium

The National Aquarium in DC reports that a baby boon has hit.  The new babies include four young american aligators, a polka dot stingray pup, two baby loggerhead sea turtles, and multiple new young fry (baby fish).  Read the full article here: A baby boom in DC « National Aquarium | WATERlog.

Tips from an Experienced Aquarist

I spend a great deal of time reading the forums over at www.nmaquarist.org. Last week Ruth took the time to post tips from experience gained over 20 years of being in the aquarist hobby.

Aquarium Treasures - Volume 2

Aquarium Treasures – Volume 2

Although chronologically I visited this aquarium before visiting the Georgia Aquarium I had lost my pictures and video from this visit until I found it today. The Underwater Adventures Aquarium in the Mall of America is a small aquarium though it does boast that it is the largest underground aquarium in the world. I can’t imagine there are too many underground aquariums, but I have only just begun this adventure.

Aquarium Treasures - Volume 1

Aquarium Treasures – Volume 1

The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium boasting over eight million gallons of aquatic habitat and containing the largest collection of aquatic animals in the world. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Two New HD Aquarium Videos Released

I have released two new videos of my saltwater reef system. My saltwater tank is a stock Oceanic BioCube 29 gallon Aquarium.

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