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Hermit Crab

Top Five Saltwater Cleanup Crew Helpers

We can all appreciate a clean, well-maintained aquarium. With the variety of cleanup crew helpers available in the hobby, it can become daunting to pick the right cleanup crew. These are a few of my favorite ways to keep nuisance algae at bay.

Green Hair Algae Infestation

Green Hair Algae Removal Update

I put together a couple of videos of how the aquarium looks one week later after being cleaned of a massive infestation of green hair algae.

Green Hair Algae

Green Hair Algae Removal

Green hair algae can be a real nuisance but it is easily preventable and if you are unfortunate enough to have it take over your tank it is fairly simple to cure. Once it starts to grow in your tank it can get take over in a very short span of time.