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How to Setup a Brackish Tank for a Figure 8 Puffer

How to Setup a Brackish Tank for a Figure 8 Puffer

A trip to my local fish store (LFS) last week turned into an adventure in setting up my first brackish aquarium. They had just received a shipment of figure 8 and green spotted puffers. How could I resist?

Swallowtail Angel

Marine Life Sex – “It’s Complicated”

Boys change sexes into girls, girls change sexes into boys, boys keep harems of ladies, and often…everyone reproduces en masse. It’s all done in the name of successfully passing DNA on to the next generation.


The South Carolina Aquarium

The South Carolina Aquarium was named one of 10Best.com’s top aquariums in 2012. Visit to see S.C. native habitats which include an albino alligator, Sea Turtle Rescue Hospital, and unique ocean-dwellers.

Takashi Amano At Work

Takashi Amano At Work

A video of Takashi Amano creating an amazing aquascape aquarium from start to finish.

Largest Home Aquarium

UK’s largest private aquarium

It is so large – arguably the largest privately owned aquarium in Britain – that Jack has to dive in himself once a fortnight to clean it.

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