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How to Setup a Brackish Tank for a Figure 8 Puffer

How to Setup a Brackish Tank for a Figure 8 Puffer

A trip to my local fish store (LFS) last week turned into an adventure in setting up my first brackish aquarium. They had just received a shipment of figure 8 and green spotted puffers. How could I resist?

Budget Reefkeeping - Part II

Budget Reefkeeping – Part II

Ever thought about making your own fish food, frag plugs, or even calibration fluids? Find out more ways to save money in this week’s blog.

Mixing Saltwater

How to Mix Saltwater for a Reef or Marine Aquarium

When you get your first marine or reef aquarium you might experience the same apprehension I had about mixing up the first batch of saltwater. Here’s a quick video to show what the process looks like.

Green Hair Algae

Green Hair Algae Removal

Green hair algae can be a real nuisance but it is easily preventable and if you are unfortunate enough to have it take over your tank it is fairly simple to cure. Once it starts to grow in your tank it can get take over in a very short span of time.

Aiptasia (Glass Anemone) Removal

Aiptasia (Glass Anemone) Removal

I discovered this weekend that I had the beginnings of an Aiptasia infestation in my 29 gallon biocube. After spending a little time on Google I selected a very quick and effective method for eradicating this pest from my aquarium. This method is informally known as “Death by Fire!”

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