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How to Identify Worms in Your Reef Aquarium

How to Identify Worms in Your Reef Aquarium

Identifying worms in your saltwater aquarium can be a challenge. How do you tell which are reef safe and which are not? Here’s a handy guide to some of the more common saltwater worms.

Xanthid crab

The Five Worst Saltwater Aquarium Pests

These are arguably some of the most destructive and hardy saltwater aquarium pests. Having to deal with some of these has been enough to make some reefkeepers get out of the hobby entirely. I highly recommend the use of a good coral dip and quarantine procedure to prevent problems down the road.

Mixing Saltwater

How to Mix Saltwater for a Reef or Marine Aquarium

When you get your first marine or reef aquarium you might experience the same apprehension I had about mixing up the first batch of saltwater. Here’s a quick video to show what the process looks like.

Green Hair Algae

Green Hair Algae Removal

Green hair algae can be a real nuisance but it is easily preventable and if you are unfortunate enough to have it take over your tank it is fairly simple to cure. Once it starts to grow in your tank it can get take over in a very short span of time.